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Donald Trump is no Teddy Roosevelt

Trump salutes

“Trump has confirmed over and over that he's a weakling masquerading as a tough guy,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Promontory Point doesn't decide what's an open record and what isn't

BZ 120816 Promontory Landfill 03

Promontory Point Resources desperately doesn’t want you to know its plans for a landfill on a lonely peninsula in the Great Salt Lake. Which means it’s time to start paying attention.

Guest Commentary

Medicaid, marijuana, coal and California — a look back at the 2018 Legislature

Legislative Session Ends

For some reason, E. Kent Winward couldn’t get excited about this year’s legislative session.

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California's sanctuary law can survive Trump attack

Trump California

“Federalism is a delicate system that needs constant care, feeding and updating by the courts. But when it works, its successes follow from the recognition that a big country includes many different perspectives and beliefs,” writes Noah Feldman.

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Trump unbound amid a cloud of chaos


“It is absurd to argue that, because the last 30 years of Korean policy hasn't succeeded, a new policy should be chosen by throwing a dart at a dartboard,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Shifting the focus away from gun violence

GameStop Vegas 2013

We realize this president doesn't have much use for the First Amendment, but even he doesn't have the power to wipe "Call of Duty" or "Grand Theft Auto" off store shelves.


Consumers don't choose how manufacturers package their products

SW 012518 Recycled Earth 01

Concerning the recent articles about recycling, it is pointless to blame the consumer for producing all the garbage you’re so worried about. We don’t choose the packaging our purchases come in. Personally, I loathe the plastic bubble packaging, but manufacturers and retailers love it...

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Trump needs to be clear about one thing in meeting with Kim Jong Un

North Korea United States Timeline

“A face-to-face meeting is a chance for Trump to look Kim in the eye and tell him: You will not be allowed to deploy missiles that can reach U.S. cities,” writes Marc Thiessen.

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Help feed the hungry in Utah. Donate to Scouting for Food

Scouting for Food 01

In Utah, more than 390,000 people live in food insecurity. You can help them Saturday by participating in Scouting for Food.


Stop purchasing single-use plastics

BZ 060816 Recycling 05-2

I am writing in regards to the multiple articles written about the region’s recycling issues. While this is important for the time being, we do need to shift some our focus to address the core issue: reducing plastic production. Plastic has become a cheap convenience and is getting out of...

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